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UniTrak equipment handles a variety of materials, from submicron powders, to granules, pellets and flakes, to irregular shapes. Our equipment can be tailored to effectively convey problematic materials, such as those that are sticky, have a propensity to cake or pack, are abrasive, or are otherwise difficult-to-handle. In addition, we specialize in supplying equipment solutions for hygenic conveying applications, those involving the movement of hazardous or toxic materials, or severe service applications where aggressive materials and harsh environments are the norm.

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Abrasive materials are very hard on conveying equipment – by their very nature, these materials abrade and wear equipment components…
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Safeguarding your product from contamination as it is conveyed is a specialty of ours. We have the experience and the…
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At UniTrak, we help processors to surmount the dusting challenges associated with conveying powders with our Powderflight™ Aeromechanical conveyor and.....
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To mitigate the risk of an explosion in these applications, it is critical to use conveyors that are especially designed to address the conditions…
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Our reputation was built on gently handling our customers’ products. We have the equipment technology you need to convey friable…
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Mixtures and Blends

Mixes and blends need to be conveyed without loss of consistency or separation of the constituent ingredients. TipTrak™ bucket conveyors excel…
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Non-Free Flowing

We have over 45 years experience in helping customers successfully convey materials that tend to clump and restrict throughput.
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Pack, Cake and Smear

These difficult-to-handle materials can be even more problematic to convey when you do not have equipment designed for the job!…
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Sticky and gummy materials can adhere to equipment, causing downtime and lost throughput. Let us help you successfully convey these…

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