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Advantages of a Flexible Screw Conveyor

October 22, 2014

Contained within the broad spectrum of screw conveyor types and their particular application, is a substantial niche occupied by flexible screw or auger conveyors. Trying to find out if your production needs can be met with a Flexible Screw Conveyor can be a daunting process, especially when you are tight for time and you need a solution fast!

Design Considerations

Flexible Screw conveyors are designed to elevate powders and granules. Whereas applications like grain, aggregate and cement, will use a large diameter Archimedes screw operating at relatively low RPMs. A Flexible Screw Conveyor, with an internal helix operating at almost 900 RPM will move comparable quantities of powders, pellets or granules (e.g. foods, pet foods, or chemicals) at a fraction of the diameter, say either a 3” or 5” diameter model.

How is it Flexible?

The Flexible Screw Conveyor or UniTrak’s UniFlex model is “flexible” because of the radius that the UHMW polyethylene casing and the helical screw contained within can take. This allows the angle of incline to be anything from 45o to 90o and making the Flexible Screw Conveyor able to suit more custom requirements. It is also “flexible” in its application. By mounting the UniFlex on a portable base, one unit can be used for multiple processes throughout the plant.

Top 5 Advantages of the UniFlex

  1. Compact design makes it an easily portable unit, but still capable of high volume delivery.
  2. Unlike the rigid augers or drag chains, the UniFlex is designed without bearings and has only one moving part – the helix. The advantage of having one moving part = less maintenance, less downtime!
  3. Handles a variety of infeeds whether it is manually fed or from a bulk bag discharger, an IBC or tote. The flexible screw and casing allows for multiple configurations, thereby saving floor space. This means it fits well into different parts of your process.
  4. Clean out caps are easily removable to assist with fast product changeovers, meaning it’s easy to maintain.
  5. Low initial cost and provides residual labor savings as well as health and safety benefits long after installation. All in all a very affordable unit.

For more information about our line of Flexible Screw Conveyors including the UniFlex and the NEW EZ Clean UniFlex, contact a member of our team, Marie Lytle at or call her at 1-866-883-5749 ext 109.

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