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Unlocking Efficiency: UniTrak's Solutions for Bulk Material Conveying Challenges with Zeolites

June 5, 2024

Sensitive substances, like zeolites, can be particularly challenging when handling and conveying their bulk materials within the chemicals industry. Zeolites, with their unique molecular sieve structures and versatile properties, are invaluable in various industrial applications, but their delicate nature demands specialized handling to mitigate risks such as abrasion, segregation, contamination, dust emissions, and reactivity. UniTrak, a leading provider of bulk material handling solutions, offers innovative equipment tailored to address these specific challenges, ensuring efficient and reliable conveying of zeolites. In this article, we explore the considerations and risks associated with handling zeolites and how UniTrak's equipment can alleviate these issues.

Bulk Material Conveying Considerations and Risks with Zeolites

Abrasion and Degradation

Zeolite particles are prone to abrasion and degradation during conveying, leading to loss of catalytic activity and reduced performance. Traditional conveying methods can exacerbate this issue due to high conveying velocities and impact forces.


Differences in particle size, density, and shape can cause segregation during conveying, resulting in non-uniform distribution and compromised process efficiency. Achieving homogeneous material flow is crucial for consistent performance in zeolite-based applications.


Zeolites are highly sensitive to contamination, even in trace amounts, which can impair their catalytic properties and compromise product quality. Controlling contamination risks is essential to maintain zeolite integrity and performance.

Dust Emissions

Fine zeolite particles can become airborne during conveying, posing respiratory hazards to workers and environmental concerns. Minimizing dust emissions is critical for maintaining a safe working environment and regulatory compliance.


Some zeolites may exhibit reactivity with moisture or other chemicals present in the processing environment, leading to degradation and loss of functionality. Preventing chemical reactions during handling is vital to preserve zeolite integrity and performance.

UniTrak's Solutions for Mitigating Risks

UniTrak offers a range of equipment specifically designed to address the unique challenges associated with conveying zeolites:

TipTrak Bucket Elevators

Utilizing a gentle vertical conveying motion, TipTrak Bucket Elevators minimize particle degradation and abrasion, preserving zeolite integrity during transport. With customizable configurations, TipTrak ensures efficient and reliable handling of zeolites without compromising performance.

Powderflight Aeromechanical Conveyors

Powderflight Aeromechanical Conveyors provide gentle, high-capacity conveying of zeolites while minimizing segregation risks. The gentle conveying action prevents particle degradation and maintains material homogeneity, ensuring consistent performance in zeolite-based processes.

UniFlex Flexible Screw Conveyors

Ideal for fragile materials like zeolites, UniFlex Flexible Screw Conveyors offer precise control over material flow rates while minimizing dust generation and contamination risks. With flexible configurations and easy maintenance, UniFlex ensures reliable conveying of zeolites with minimal downtime.

Bagstander Bag Dischargers  

UniTrak's Bagstander Bag Dischargers facilitate dust-free and contamination-free discharge of zeolites from bulk bags, reducing dust emissions and contamination risks. The enclosed system ensures a clean and safe working environment while preserving zeolite integrity.

Sanitary Conveyor Systems

UniTrak offers sanitary conveyor systems constructed from corrosion-resistant materials, ideal for applications where zeolites are sensitive to chemical reactions. These systems prevent contamination and ensure product purity while maintaining zeolite integrity.


Efficient bulk material handling is paramount for ensuring product quality, process efficiency, and worker safety. UniTrak's innovative equipment offers tailored solutions for the specific challenges associated with conveying zeolites, mitigating risks such as abrasion, segregation, contamination, dust emissions, and reactivity. By leveraging UniTrak's expertise and advanced technology, manufacturers and processors can optimize zeolite handling processes, unlocking efficiency and maximizing the performance of zeolite-based applications in various industrial sectors.

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