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Biomass Conveying

January 6, 2022

Producing energy from biomass is becoming increasingly important as the world moves away from fossil fuels. Cost-effective energy production from biomass is very much a function of how efficiently biomass materials can be handled. Conveyors are an integral part of any biomass material handling system and choosing the right biomass conveying system can help ensure cost-effective energy production.

Biomass Handling Systems

Biomass handling systems usually consist of the following main processes:

  • Receiving facility
  • Screening and shredding station
  • Crushing station
  • Storage system
  • Reclamation system

Conveyors are often used to move biomass through and between these processes. Depending upon the particular facility design and the processing equipment used, choosing the right conveyor can be a key to efficient operations.

Biomass Conveying Solutions

UniTrak offers two equipment designs that have applicability in biomass conveying applications. These conveyors are a proven solution for moving biomass material in a reliable and uniform flow.

TipTrakTM bucket conveyors offer a high-volume biomass conveying solution. These bucket conveyors can transport large amounts of biomass material over vertical or horizontal distances. The gentle handling feature of TipTrakTM bucket conveyors means that even fragile biomass materials, such as wood pellets, can be safely handled with no product degradation or breakage. In addition, TipTrakTM PEC or Monocoque designs can ameliorate the dusting that often occurs when handling wood pellets or other materials.

TipTrakTM bucket conveyors are available in both open tube and closed constructions. A closed construction is the configuration of choice for outdoor operations, where the product being transported must be protected from the effects of weathering.

UniFlex flexible screw conveyors are an economical solution for biomass conveying applications where smaller amounts of material need to be transported over shorter distances. UniFlex flexible screws are fully enclosed conveyors which come in two sizes, with capacities up to 10.8 cubic feet of material per minute. Hoppers for receiving material and feeding the conveyor are available in three sizes of 8, 4, and 2.4 cubic feet respectively.

UniFlex flexible screw conveyors have been used in biomass conveying applications to move biomass pellets directly into a furnace, where they are burned as fuel. In these applications, custom hopper sizes can be used to achieve the desired material feed rate. Like its larger TipTrakTM cousin, the UniFlex flexible screw conveyor features gentle handling where fragile materials can be safely moved without fear of degradation or breakage.

If you are processing or handling biomass materials and are seeking a biomass conveying solution, please contact our application specialists for further information on how UniTrak can assist you. All our equipment can be “customerized” to your specific needs and requirements, and we draw on 45-plus years of bulk materials conveying experience.

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