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Bucket Elevators: Applications Handled

January 6, 2022

Bucket elevators (bucket conveyors) are a proven way to move bulk materials within a processing facility. At UniTrak, we have over 45 years’ experience with helping our customers to apply bucket elevator technology to their processes and applications. TipTrakTM bucket elevators are used in facilities around the world every day to safely and gently convey materials and products in a myriad of shapes and sizes. In this blog, we look at the key application areas that UniTrak helps customers to address.


These are applications involving the movement of non-hazardous powders and materials in standard operating environments. For these applications, TipTrakTM PEC units are often employed. These quality conveyors offer extremely high reliability and low maintenance, coupled with low total lifetime costs, and which are well-suited to address general purpose conveying needs.

In many general purpose conveying applications, difficult-to-handle materials may be involved. These may be materials, which are sticky, extremely free flowing, or those which tend to cake, pack or smear. TipTrakTMbucket elevators can be equipped with flow aids and other options which enable trouble-free conveying of these problematic materials.


These are applications which involve the movement of high-wear materials, such as abrasive materials, and/or extreme operating conditions. Severe service applications, by their very nature, impose accelerated wear and tear on equipment. This can drive up downtime, maintenance interventions, and the consumption of replacement parts. For these applications, it is important to select bucket elevators that are up to the task and which have been especially designed to resist the high wear and tear imposed. For severe service applications, TipTrakTM bucket elevators can be supplied with heavy duty parts and components which are wear-resistant and designed to handle the challenges of harsh materials and environments.


These applications involve the movement of dangerous materials hazardous to life and well-being, such as materials that are extremely dusty, explosive or corrosive, hazardous to operators’ health, or where the product’s integrity may be affected by exposure to normal atmospheric conditions. In these applications, minimizing risk, and ensuring health and safety while achieving compliance with applicable regulations are key concerns. TipTrakTM Monocoque bucket elevators are the preferred choice for critical service applications. The Monocoque model is also preferred where an application may be outdoors, or may call for gas-tight construction, such as when the product requires a purge gas. The application may also subject the unit to positive and/or negative pressure.


These are applications where the risk of product contamination must be addressed and minimized, such as in many food processing or pharmaceutical production facilities. In these applications, the cleanability of the equipment is a major concern. For cleanable service applications, TipTrakTM bucket elevators can be supplied with Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems, anti-microbial buckets, and beltchains made from FDA-approved materials.

UniTrak understands bulk material conveying and we have the bucket elevator technology and expertise to meet your needs. Our application experts can review your needs in detail and recommend the TipTrakTMmodel that will work for your material, your process, and your layout (see the industries and materials we have worked with here). We can also arrange for product tests in our testing facility to ensure trouble-free startup and operation in your facility. To find out more about TipTrakTM bucket elevators, or any of the other fine bulk material conveying equipment we manufacture, please contact our sales department.

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