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Bulk Bag Dischargers Contain Fugitive Dust Emissions

January 6, 2022

Emptying bulk bags, or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), can be a dusty process, depending upon the material being handled. Dusting can occur as material exits the bulk bag during emptying, or when an emptied bag is being withdrawn from the discharger. In the latter case, residual material which has collected in the heels of the bag can be discharged, creating dusting. In both cases, fugitive dust emissions can results, which can create health and safety hazards within a facility.


An effective way to control product dusting during the discharging of bulk bags is with UniTrak’s Bagstander bulk bag discharger. Bagstander bulk bag dischargers are supplied with a dust collection port which allows ready connection of the Bagstander to your facility’s dust collection system. Dust and fines which are produced in the Bagstander’s discharge chute during bag emptying are then collected, reducing fugitive dust emissions.

In addition, each Bagstander comes equipped with an aluminum body valve (iris valve), with polyurethane-coated nylon diaphragm, that allows product to flow from the bag without the operator ever coming into contact with the product. The iris valve permits the operator to undertake a controlled release of product once the bag is in position and fully opened, thus preventing accidental spillage and dusting of material.

In facilities which have no dust collection system, Bagstander’s dust collection port can be fitted with a “sock” which traps dust and fines while still allowing the air displaced during emptying to exit the system.


Bagstander bulk bag dischargers are available from UniTrak in two models: fork-truck model; and tower-type model. Both models allow for the safe and efficient unloading and discharging of bulk bags.

  • Bagstander fork-truck models are a preferred choice for free flowing products, as it is the simplest and most economical model. The Bagstander fork-truck model allows for bulk bags to be easily picked up and loaded into the discharger with a fork-truck. A positive loop retention system ensures that the bag cannot slip or slide off the loading frame once attached, and provides for accurate location and positioning of the bag onto the Bagstander unit.
  • Bagstander tower-type models permit bulk bags to be directly hoisted onto the discharger and emptied. An integral I-beam permits easy installation of a hoist mechanism for hanging bags onto the Bagstander – customers have a choice between installing their own hoist, or using a hoist supplied by UniTrak with the unit.

If the material in the bulk bag has become compacted, to assist the flow of material from FIBC’s once hung on the Bagstander, manual or hydraulic bag massagers are available as a flow aid option. Bulk bag massagers consist of paddles which “knead” the FIBC, helping to “break up” material from packing, and enabling a more consistent material flow through the Bagstander.

Other Bagstander features include an adjustable frame with lifting frame retainer, an optional factory-mounted vibrator for sluggish materials, and a protected discharge chute with a dust-tight door. The frame and hopper of Bagstander units are constructed of heavy gauge steel to support the bag completely and safely.

A Bagstander unit can be easily combined with a TipTrak bucket elevator, a UniFlex flexible screw conveyor or Powderflight aeromechanical conveyor to create an integrated and cost-effective discharge system. These integrated systems allow users to easily transfer the material discharged from bags either directly or indirectly into the production process.

If your facility requires to unload product supplied in bulk bags, a UniTrak application specialist will be pleased to review your needs. For further information on Bagstander bulk bag dischargers, please contact our sales department.

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