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Bulk Bagging Chemical Powders

January 5, 2022

Bulk bag fillers are used to load bulk bags (aka Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, or FIBC) with different types of powders, granules, pellets, flakes, and more. Product can flow into a bulk bag mounted onto the filler using gravity, or fed from mechanical or pneumatic conveyors. Bags can be filled and weighed at the same time. Due to nature of the materials involved and the process of filling bulk bags, bulk bagging chemical powders is an operation that needs to carried out safely and effectively.

Bulk bags are used to hold many types of materials and products. These include chemical powders and granules, such as fertilizer, hydrated lime, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and others. Besides chemical powders, other common materials loaded into bulk bags include food and agricultural products and various building and industrial materials. The bulk bags used to hold these materials and products are usually made from lined or unlined poly-woven materials, and often weigh between 1000-4000 pounds (454-1814 Kg) when filled.


Bulk bagging chemical powders can entail a number of challenges. A good filler can address these challenges. Key things to look for when selecting a filler to bag chemical powders include the following:

  • Product dust control. Some chemical powders are hazardous if ingested or contacted. Others can create explosive dusts. For these reasons, it is important to control fugitive emissions of dust when filling bulk bags with chemical powders. Good fillers are designed to fill bags without the release of dust.
  • Framework and bag hangers. It is important to consider the physical design and construction of the filler. A filler’s framework should be strong enough to support more weight than the maximum filled bag weight. Loop hangers that attach the bag to the filler should be both strong and adjustable to accommodate different bag sizes.
  • Fill head. The fill head discharges material into an empty bag. The fill head should provide for secure clamping of the bag while preventing the escape of dust. Depending upon your application, the fill head should permit direct connection to your facility’s dust collection system if desired. The valve mechanism on the fill head should allow the operator to release a controlled amount of material into bag and safely terminate the filling process once the bag is full.
  • Weighing and measuring. In many applications, bags have to filled with a measured amount of material. Fillers are available with integrated weigh scales or other measuring aids to ensure the uniform filling of bags.
  • Movability. Some bag fillers include a base with fork pockets that enable the frame to be moved using a forklift.
  • Operator safety. The filler should be stable and secure to ensure that bags can be filled without spillage or risk to operators.


Bagstander bulk bag fillers from UniTrak are designed with an adjustable framework that will straddle a pallet or optional platform scale with controller-enabled bulk bag weight control. Bagstander bulk bag fillers are constructed with a fully welded frame made from carbon steel, with stainless steel construction available as an option. The ventilated collar is manufactured from stainless steel and fitted with a removable dust sock which allows for direct connection to a dust collection system. A fork-lift (FLT) option is also available which enables the filler to be easily moved to different locations. This option adds integrated fork-lift pockets, together with a solid bottom plate and cross braces for additional strength.

Bagstander bulk bag fillers are designed to fill bulk bags with a variety of materials, including chemical powders, accurately and safely.  Utilizing a low- maintenance design, Bagstander bulk bag fillers offer years of trouble-free maintenance. To find out more about how UniTrak can help you fill bulk bags with chemical powders, please contact our sales team for further information.

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