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Bulk Material Conveyors: Our Brands

January 6, 2022

From bucket elevators, to aeromechanical and flexible screw conveyors, we’re passionate about our portfolio of brands and the markets we serve.

Our brands represent a promise to our customers – a commitment to providing reliable conveying equipment tailored to each application. Our reputation for equipment excellence has been built over 45-plus years. Our brand promise of trusted reliability embodies our corporate values and defines how we deliver on our promise. Today, the UniTrak corporate brand, together with our product brands, has established our reputation for performance and service and resulted in thousands of equipment installations in facilities worldwide.

TipTrakTM bucket elevators are UniTrak’s flagship brand. The first TipTrakTM conveyor rolled off our production line in 1969, and since that time have become the bucket elevator of choice for gentle handling and spillage-free operation. Built from the highest-quality parts and workmanship in our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility, TipTrakTM conveyors set the standard for quality and reliability. Featuring fully interlocking buckets and a rubber beltchain drive mechanism, every TipTrakTM conveyor is “customerized” for each customer’s specific application requirements and needs. And, TipTrakTM units are built to last – our commitment to quality and reliability means you get low total lifetime costs with minimal downtime and service interruption.

Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors combine speed, reliability, flexibility and productivity to support your manufacturing processes. These advantages enable operational efficiency, and make Powderflight conveyors well-suited to address the challenges associated with moving materials such as powders, granules, pellets or flakes. Operating on a simple principle where material is moved by being aerated or fluidized within a high-velocity airstream, Powderflight conveyors are an excellent choice for many conveying applications. An added advantage of Powderflight conveyors is their ability to function in tight areas – with a footprint of less than 1 square meter (3 square feet), Powderflight units require a minimum of operating space.

Rounding out our brand family of bulk material conveyors are UniFlex flexible screw conveyors. These conveyors provide durability and reliability to a wide range of applications. The UniFlex flexible auger is a simple yet rugged conveyor with only one moving part. This versatile conveyor is capable of transporting a wide range of free-flowing powders, granules, or small pellets, safely and reliably anywhere in your plant. UniFlex conveyors easily integrate with a vast array of upstream and downstream equipment types, and are an excellent choice for batch or intermittent conveying applications.

Completing the UniTrak brand portfolio are Bagstander bulk bag dischargers. Bagstander bulk bag dischargers enable the complete dust-free emptying of large bags and Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). With a strong, heavy-duty frame, Bagstanders ensure zero leakage, zero dust escape, and employee safety during any unloading operation. And a factory-installed vibrator ensures complete, waste-free emptying.

Our brands have made a lasting mark in the minds of our customers worldwide. Every interaction we have with our customers is focused on allowing them enjoy the UniTrak brand experience of totally tailored reliability. To find out more about our portfolio of fine bulk material conveyors can help address your conveying needs, please contact our sales department.

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