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Bulk Material Handling Equipment and Systems for SME’s

January 6, 2022

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) often have unique challenges to surmount when purchasing bulk material handling equipment and systems. For these types of enterprises, equipment purchases can represent a significant expense, and there may be the additional need to successfully integrate different types of equipment into a functioning system without the additional outlay for a consulting engineering service.

At UniTrak, we recognize these challenges. To address the particular needs of SME’s, we offer the following:

Broad equipment lineup. Our equipment portfolio includes the following product lines:

Combined with our wide array of equipment options and customization capability, this extensive product lineup allows us to service the bulk material handling needs of most SME’s. And every piece of equipment we make uses the same proven designs, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship that have earned UniTrak the reputation for reliability and low total lifetime costs.

Small system integration.

    We understand that SME’s sometimes need to pull together different types of bulk material handling equipment into an integrated processing system. For example, an SME involved in processing food products may need to convey blend ingredients from bulk bags into a vibratory feeder and mixer, and then feed the blend onto a packaging line. Addressing this challenge requires the SME to combine a bulk bag discharger, vibratory feeder and conveyor into an integrated bulk material handling system.


In situations like these, UniTrak can help. With over 45 years’ experience, we have deep expertise in the technical aspects of production processes and the behaviour of materials when conveyed. Our application specialists and product engineers can collaborate to configure a system that is right for you – right for your process, right for your product and materials, right for your throughput and capacity, and right for your budget. Because we have the equipment you require, you eliminate the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors. And, because we have the expertise, you can be sure your system will function as designed – no more worrying about whether or not the equipment will work together when installed.

Finally, UniTrak recognizes the need to support SME’s in their continuing operations. Our industry-leading lead times ensure you get equipment quickly and on-time, while our service capability ensures a trouble-free start up and responsive service and support, should you require it.

If you are an SME that is seeking a vendor for bulk material handling equipment and systems, consider the advantages of UniTrak. For further information on our bulk material handling equipment and systems, please contact our sales department.

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