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Bulk Solids Conveyors: Dealing with Tight Spaces

January 5, 2022

A key requirement in many bulk solids conveying applications is that the conveyor must fit into, and accommodate, limited space. In these situations, buyers may have less flexibility in their equipment choices as the bulk solids conveyors available in the marketplace may not be suitable or adaptable for use in limited spaces.

In many facilities, space limitations are imposed by existing process configurations. These limitations require bulk solids conveyors that can fit into confined areas where limited floorspace and headroom are the norm. Even in new plants, facility designers may have overlooked or underestimated the space requirements for conveying equipment. The bottom line in these scenarios is that buyers must look for equipment meets their process requirements and is adaptable to the confined space.

Three equipment choices for conveying bulk material solids that can work well in limited space applications are bucket elevators, aeromechanical, and flexible screw conveyors. This blog looks at the design features of each that make them suitable for consideration in limited space applications.


Continuous bucket elevators, such as the TipTrak™ line from UniTrak, are available in a number of sizes and configurations that support confined spaces. For example, the TipTrak™ TT250 and TT500 elevators have small footprints that will work well in situations where floorspace is limited. In addition, bucket elevators are available in different configurations which can reduce the equipment footprint needed. For example, a C-configuration elevator will require less area for its lower and upper horizontal sections than will a Z-configuration elevator.


These conveyors work particularly well in applications that feature narrow spaces and limited headroom. Aeromechanical conveyors, such as the Powderflight line from UniTrak, feature an enclosed tube that can be positioned to operate at any angle. This makes these conveyors an excellent choice where headroom is limited.

Aeromechanical conveyors are also available in a variety of configurations that make them adaptable where a small footprint is required. As an example, Powderflight aeromechanicals are available in a 90° configuration which minimizes the floor area required (in some cases, less than 2 square feet). Mobile units are also available, meaning that the conveyor can be moved into position only when needed.

Flexible screw conveyors feature a small diameter flexible tube that allows the conveyor to fit into tight areas and bypass existing equipment or other obstacles. These conveyors are a great choice for intermittent or batch-type production environments where space is often limited.

Fitting bulk solids conveyors into tight spaces is never easy, but UniTrak can help! We have both the equipment portfolio and the experience and know-how to solve most confined space challenges. To find out more about how UniTrak can address your conveying needs, please contact our sales team directly.

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