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Buying Bulk Material Conveying Equipment: Avoid Getting “Productized”!

January 6, 2022

Have you ever purchased bulk material conveying equipment and found that what you bought was a pretty good – but not a perfect – fit for your needs or application? Or perhaps you’ve wished that if you could have combined features or options from several different offerings, you’d have a perfect solution?

If so, you are not alone! Many times, buyers become frustrated and annoyed because the equipment they bought failed to fully live up to expectations and promises once placed into service.

At UniTrak, we understand the desire of each customer to have a bulk material conveying equipment solution that completely and precisely meets their specific needs. That’s why we developed our customerization process to ensure that every piece of equipment we supply is “right matched” with each customer’s needs and expectations.


Customerization goes far beyond product engineering and manufacture to create and deliver a fully tailored, bespoke equipment solution. Going beyond customization, which often only involves adapting existing equipment designs to customers’ stated requirements, customerization considers all relevant aspects of a customer’s situation to provide an exact equipment solution that checks off all the boxes.

Trying to sell a customer a product that has been customized, but which is still not quite the right solution, is “productizing” the customer. At UniTrak, we never “productize” our customers by selling a not-quite-right product or solution. Instead, we practice customerization by moving each customer through a structured process that is especially designed to result in an equipment solution that is completely and precisely tailored to fit each customer’s needs exactly.

At the heart of our customerization process is our application deep-dive. More than a mere review of requirements, our application deep-dive is a multi-disciplinary activity that brings together material, equipment, and engineering specialists in a thorough examination of the details and intricacies of each customer’s process, materials, operating environment, and layout. Conducted by experts with years of experience in supplying conveying equipment solutions, our application deep-dive goes far beyond capturing a customer’s stated requirements, to developing a comprehensive and detailed specification that drives our solution development process.

At UniTrak, we are not content with a “near miss” when it comes to supplying our customers with bulk material conveying equipment. If you want to partner with a customer-centric supplier who knows what “getting it right” means, contact our application experts to initiate a review of your needs. To see the full range of equipment types we can supply, please click here.

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