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Conveying Dry Pet Food

January 6, 2022

Conveyors designed to move dry pet foods and ingredients efficiently and effectively

The dry pet food market has undergone significant growth in recent years. This market comprises dry foods, meals and supplements, as well as treats and snacks. Conveying dry pet food usually involves moving finished product and product ingredients that are friable and prone to dusting. For these reasons, it is important to select and use conveyors which are capable of gentle handling and containing fugitive dust emissions.

As with other food grade applications, additional factors to consider when choosing equipment for conveying dry pet food are the following:

  • No spillage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cleanability

These factors directly impact operating costs and choosing the right conveyor can pay dividends by way of improved operating efficiency.

UniTrak currently offers four conveyor models that can service dry pet food conveying applications. Three of these models are bucket conveyors, and the fourth is a flexible screw conveyor.

Conveying Dry Pet Food in the TipTrak Bucket Conveyor

TipTrakTM Bucket Conveyors

TipTrakTM Open tube or PEC bucket conveyors are well suited for conveying dry pet food ingredients or finished product. Both designs feature the UniTrak rubber BeltChain and fully interlocking buckets which provide gentle handling of product with little or no spillage. In addition, the PEC model features a fully enclosed design which helps control the effects of product dusting during conveyance.

TipTrakTM Open and PEC models can be supplied with a number of equipment features that are important when conveying dry pet food. For example, a special bucket assembly with polypropylene buckets and joint strips containing a silver ion to inhibit microbial growth is available. To support cleanability, waterproof bearings which support washdown service can be provided, with a clean-in-place system available as an option. To keep operating costs low, each model is driven by an energy efficient motor to ensure minimal energy consumption when the unit is running.

View our case study on how a Multinational PetFood Producer uses a TipTrakTM S-5 Open tube conveyor to move dry pet food snacks.

TipTrak Bucket conveyor used to convey dry pet food

In dry pet food conveying applications where fugitive dust emissions must be fully controlled, the TipTrakTMMonocoque bucket conveyor is a preferred equipment choice. TipTrakTM Monocoque conveyors are completely dust and gas tight. These conveyors feature a fully enclosed design with gasketing between sections and around all access doors which ensures dust-tight operation. Key latched quick access doors are provided for easy entry to the unit interior when maintenance or cleaning needs to be undertaken. Most importantly for dry pet food manufacturers, TipTrakTM Monocoque conveyors provide gentle product handling while ensuring that all dust emissions are fully contained within the unit.

UniFlex Flexible Screw Conveyors

A fourth model option to consider for dry pet food conveying applications is the UniFlex flexible screw conveyor. These conveyors work particularly well where dry pet food ingredients need to be conveyed for mixing or further processing.

UniFlex conveyors feature a food-grade UHMW or steel casing/tube. An Easy-Clean model is available that is particularly well-suited for food-grade applications: this unit features a sanitary stainless steel washdown motor, quick disassembly and reassembly tool-less cleaning, special tilt cleaning feature and quick release tri-clover clamps, and a stainless steel control panel and enclosure. Easy-Clean UniFlex come equipped with a conical shaped hopper and easily integrate with a large array of upstream and downstream equipment.

UniTrak has over 45 years’ experience in helping pet food and other manufacturers solve their conveying challenges. If you are manufacturing dry pet foods, treats or snacks, our application specialists will be pleased to discuss how our conveyors can help move your product reliably and efficiently. Please contact our sales department for more information on our experience in conveying dry pet food.

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