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Conveyor Quality: How we Design and Build at UniTrak

January 5, 2022

In many facilities, conveyor quality plays a vital role in contributing to the operation’s performance and profitability. The quality of a conveyor’s design, materials, and workmanship is directly correlated to throughput and uptime. Conveyors which utilize inferior designs, are built using sub-standard materials and components, or finished and assembled with poor workmanship, are more likely to experience field failures and have reduced life expectancies. In this blog, we look at some of the steps UniTrak takes to supply our customers with equipment that is fully dependable, fit for purpose, and built to last.


UniTrak’s reputation is built on the provision of high-care conveying solutions. Our conveyors are designed especially to carefully move product without damage or degradation. In addition to serving the market for general high-care conveying, UniTrak also serves customers who need quality equipment solutions for severe service (i.e., 24/7 and/or high-wear applications), critical service (i.e., explosive and/or toxic materials), and cleanable service applications.

UniTrak’s approach to assuring the quality of our equipment begins with proven designs that are verified and validated throughout our product realization process. Over the years, our equipment designs have evolved and matured, incorporating customer feedback and field experiences. This has resulted not only in improved designs but new equipment offerings and options that meet the application needs of our customers.

Because UniTrak tailors its equipment designs to meet the demands of each customer’s application, the design process begins with a structured review of the target application into which the equipment will be placed. This application review is both extensive and deep, and is aimed at precisely defining the full set of customer requirements that must be met in our product realization process. Supporting our application review process is our materials testing capability, and our nearly 50-years’ experience in addressing bulk materials handling challenges.


Unlike some competitors, UniTrak insources its entire manufacturing process. All equipment we make is produced using controlled and proven processes. All aspects of our design and production are covered under our quality management system, registered to ISO 9001:2015. Lean manufacturing principles are employed to reduce non-value adding activity (waste) and ensure a fast and even flow of work through our production system. We use only the highest quality materials to produce our equipment, and we carefully select and monitor the external suppliers who supply raw materials and key components (i.e., drive motors) to us.

Our manufacturing process uses advanced production capabilities, such as 3D drawing and CNC laser cutting to ensure the fit and finish of equipment assemblies and components. Craftsmanship is a valued asset at UniTrak – all our production workers are highly skilled and trained, and we never subcontract production work to third parties. Work-in-process is carefully monitored and subjected to quality control inspections at key processes to ensure conformity to customer requirements. Following final assembly, all equipment is thoroughly inspected prior to crating and shipping to ensure a trouble-free installation and start-up.

Customers benefit from UniTrak’s attention to quality by receiving equipment that is reliable and durable, and which works as designed, right from the first install! In addition, our fast and responsive technical support means you never have to wait for a replacement part or service, should the need arise. With over 50-years’ of experience and a global installed base, UniTrak has the technical foundation and internal processes to take your operation to the next level. To find out how your operation can benefit from UniTrak’s lineup of quality conveyors, please contact our sales team for assistance.

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