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Craft Brewing and Distilling: Avoiding Deterioration of Grain in Conveying

January 5, 2022

The growth of craft brewing and distilling has required new entrants and start-ups to consider how they move input materials such as grain and mash within their operations. Craft brewers and distillers promise artisanal quality and distinctiveness in their offerings – moving input materials gently and without damage is foundational to this value proposition. In this blog, we look at equipment that is purpose designed for avoiding deterioration of grain in conveying.


Grains, such as barley and rye, used in craft brewing and distilling are fragile and subject to breakage or attrition if conveyed roughly. This can compromise the quality of the malting or mashing process, when the grains are mixed with water. Avoiding breakage and attrition requires using conveyors which are capable of gentle handling.

Many start-up craft brewing and distilling operations are operating in small spaces. These operations require conveyors with small footprints. Additionally, as these operations scale up, conveyors should be capable of supporting higher capacities and throughputs.

Energy-efficiency and costs are important considerations in craft brewing and distilling. Conveyors that use less energy will be preferred due to their lower consumption of electrical energy.


UniTrak offers two conveying solutions which can help craft brewers and distillers move their grains efficiently and effectively.

TipTrak™ bucket elevators can move grains vertically and horizontally. Featuring a fully interlocking bucket assembly and rubber beltchain drive, TipTrak™ elevators are the industry standard for gentle handling and spillage free operation. TipTrak™ bucket elevators are available in a range of sizes: the TT250 and TT500 models will be ideal for start-ups, while the S-2 and S-5 models will be suitable for operations which have scaled up to significant production volumes.

Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors combine a high throughput rate of up to 1440 cubic feet per hour with a small equipment footprint. Powderflight aeromechanicals can convey product at any angle from 0°-90°. A portable base is also available which allows the conveyor to be easily moved to any processing point. The conveyor’s speed, combined with the rope and disc design, creates a high-velocity air stream which conveys product with minimal damage and attrition. Powderflight conveyors are energy efficient, with a low power consumption compared to other mechanical conveyors.

Powderflight conveyors have been successfully used in craft brewery applications to transport malt to the mash tun where the malt is mixed with hot water to form the mash. In these applications, the Powderflight’s ability to move the malt through the conveyor at a high speed with no degradation or loss is a decided advantage.

If you are a craft brewer or distiller, UniTrak will be pleased to review your needs. For further information on how we can help you in avoiding deterioration of grain in conveying, please contact our sales team.

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