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Explosive Powders: Explosion-Safe Vertical Conveyors

January 6, 2022

In May, UniTrak will be exhibiting at the International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference and Exhibition in Rosemont, IL, May 3-5, 2016. In advance of the show, our Leadership Blog will feature a series of articles on topics that will be of interest to show attendees. This week’s blog on explosion-safe vertical conveyors is the second in our International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference and Exhibition blog series.

Dust in flammable concentration can arise in many bulk powder conveying applications. In these applications, it is important to choose conveyors that prevent or contain flammable dust clouds, and which avert electrical discharges from arising which could trigger a dust explosion. For applications where hazardous product needs to be conveyed upwards, explosion-safe vertical conveyors are a key equipment requirement.


  • The dust-tightness of the equipment
  • The ability of the equipment to prevent the formation of dust clouds or enable their elimination where they cannot be prevented
  • A completely electrical conductive design
  • Freedom from ignition sources


In explosive applications where the vertical conveying of bulk powders is required, TipTrak™ Monocoque bucket conveyors are an excellent equipment choice. These units eliminate dust and static discharge through the following design features:

  • The fully enclosed design, with gasketing between sections and around all access doors, ensures dust-tight operation;
  • The polymer interlocking bucket assembly prevents spillage which could lead to dust, while providing a fully conductive electrical ground path;
  • Explosion-proof motors and explosion vent panels provide additional safety and protection against the risk of explosion;
  • Dusting is completely eliminated, with the exception of introduction of product into the conveyor, or discharge from the conveyor which can be controlled with properly designed transitions and connection.


A key feature of Monocoque Tiptrak™ is the rubber beltchain and bucket assembly. In particular, the conductive buckets, joint strips, and rubber beltchain means that any possibility of ferrous sparking is eliminated when the unit is operated. In addition, the possibility of electrostatic charge buildup is equally eliminated, ensuring the absence of any potential for sparking during normal operation. See our earlier blog post regarding Explosion-Proof Conveyors.

Polyester rods, standard in other TipTrak™models, are replaced in the Monocoque Tiptrak™ with stainless steel rods or special custom-made conductive polyester rods to maintain electrical continuity and dissipate any static charge which may be generated. In addition, each section of the Monocoque TipTrak™ is fitted with ground straps to further ensure that any static charge which may build up is drained off throughout the system. A further explosion-safe option available is the provision of ports that enable ready connection to an internal dust-collection system.

If you have an application that requires explosion-safe vertical conveyors, UniTrak is your preferred equipment partner. We have extensive experience in helping customers the world over to address the issues of conveying materials in explosive applications. To find out how UniTrak equipment can address your application needs, please visit us at the International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference and Exhibition, booth 2425, or contact our sales department directly.

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