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Fully enclosed bucket conveyor: Ideal for operator safety

January 6, 2022

The TipTrakTM line of bucket conveyors protect operators from any hazardous & dusty materials in their operating environment. The fully enclosed design of the Monocoque model featuring gasketing between sections and around all access doors, provides dust-tight operation.

UniTrak can assist with the design of connections to upstream & downstream processes, to ensure dusting is eliminated. This not only protects the operators from toxic or hazardous materials, but also helps prevent dust accumulation in the plant environment, which can be a potential risk for dust explosions.

The access doors and corresponding inspection windows are key latched and can be equipped with interlock switches.

For dealing with explosive materials where static build up can occur and potentially spark, our polymer interlocking bucket assembly provides conductive contiguous electrical grounding. Explosion-proof motors and explosion vent panels can also be added as options to provide additional safety and protection against the risk of explosion.

To find out more about our bucket conveyor design please see the following equipment pages and also check out our earlier blog post on Explosion Proof bucket conveyor. As always please contact our sales department for more information about our equipment.

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