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Introducing the KleanTrak Sanitary Conveyor

January 5, 2022

UniTrak is pleased to announce the introduction of a new sanitary conveyor to its equipment lineup. The KleanTrak conveyor is a cleated belt conveyor specifically designed for applications where hygienic performance is a key requirement. This sanitary conveyor will support applications in the food, confectionary, coffee and tea, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Sanitary conveyors are a key factor for food safety risk management during the production process. From initial processing, through production and final packaging, conveyors carry product every step of the way. Addressing the risk of product contamination requires using conveyors whose designs prevent the harboring of bacteria and other contagions that can find their way into the product stream.

Constructed with an open tube design for fast and easy in-place cleaning, the KleanTrak conveyor features a cleated belt made from FDA-approved materials. The patented thermodrive tensionless belt system has no drive slip or belt stretch, eliminating the need for adjustment. A wash down duty motor and sealed corrosion-resistant bearings complete the hygienic drive system.

“The KleanTrak conveyor is an exciting new addition to our product lineup,” says UniTrak Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Emma Gorsline. “Offering effective solutions that meet the needs of the sanitary conveying market is very important to UniTrak. The features of the KleanTrak conveyor will give our customers the hygienic performance they expect and need, minimizing the risk of product contamination and regulatory non-compliance.”

KleanTrak conveyors can be supplied with an optional portable/mobile base, which facilitates moving the unit to a remote cleaning station if desired. KleanTrak units can be inclined from 15°to 90°. Equipment frames are constructed from high-quality stainless steel, feature no horizontal surfaces or other entrapment points, and many finishes are available, including electropolishing. (Download the KleanTrak product brochure here.)

“The design and construction of KleanTrak conveyors permits fast and easy in-place cleaning,” comments Gorsline. “This allows our customers to quickly sanitize their units, enabling a fast turnaround and a speedy return to productive operations. With KleanTrak units, our customers can have peace of mind that they have purchased the right sanitary conveyor for their application.”

UniTrak has been manufacturing and supplying bulk material conveyors and elevators for a variety of industries since 1969.  All equipment is manufactured in-house at our ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facilities in Port Hope, Ontario or Glossop, UK.  Authorized UniTrak licensees and exclusive agents and representatives are located around the world. For further information on the KleanTrak Sanitary Conveyor, or other equipment made by UniTrak, please contact our sales team directly.

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