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Low temperature conveying: 5 options to consider

January 7, 2022

Do you need to convey material outdoors or in a low temperature area of your plant? Be confident that we have the conveyor to meet your needs!

Low temperatures exist in both indoor and outdoor environments and can create a challenge for those needing to convey products in these conditions. Whether the material being conveyed is a frozen product or the equipment is operating in sub-zero temperatures, there are certain measures that need to be taken in order to ensure that the equipment operates reliably and the product integrity is maintained. Our TipTrakTMbucket conveyor is designed to meet these challenges head on, with some specific “low temperature” options.

Challenges for both inside and outside cold conditions:

In some cases, we’ve had customers who needed to move materials from inside the plant to an outside location. The conveyor needs to be able to operate in the extreme elements and low temperatures of a cold climate. In one recent case, a customer needed to convey their product into trucks outside. As the plant is located in the northern United States, it needed to be able to weather snow and ice and very low temperatures, and ensure that the outside elements did not penetrate the external casing of the conveyor causing material contamination. The TipTrakTM filled the bill – no problem!

Our equipment also operates in frozen food plants, which run at very low temperatures sometimes as low as minus 20°C. At these temperatures, we are not only concerned with the flow-ability of the product but also the impact resistance of the non–metallic components. Lubricants can thicken, causing the equipment to seize up. To learn more about our freezer applications, read our brief case history about our TipTrak operating in frozen coffee plant in Ecuador.

Options for Low Temperatures:

Dependent on your specific application, the following options are available to optimize the running of our TipTrakTM equipment in low temperature environments:

1) TipTrakTM Bucket Conveyor Dust-tight unit – Our Monocoque design is a completely dust tight and gas and water tight as well, ensuring that the product is conveyed in a dry and compatible environment

2) Rubber chain and joint strip especially formulated for cold weather

3) Buckets that can withstand low temperatures

4) Non-corroding stainless steel or composite bearings for food use, or outdoor operation

5) Motor Specific options: special lubricants, motor strip heaters and in extreme cold conditions gearbox oil heaters

Contact one of our Application specialists to see which options would be best for your low temperature conveying application. Here is our TipTrak webpage and don’t hesitate to contact us by phone 1-866-883-5749.

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