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Severe Service Bucket Elevators

January 6, 2022

Companies that process bulk materials face a number of unique challenges. Some of these challenges can threaten the integrity or the quality of materials being processed and thus require special care. This is particularly true for processors of foods, chemicals and other valuable materials. The most challenging applications are referred to as “severe service” applications.

Successfully handling these demanding applications requires a bucket conveyor that is especially designed for severe service. A severe service bucket conveyor can significantly improve up-time and reduce maintenance costs since the conveyor has been configured with tough operating conditions in mind.


1. Abrasive Materials
Moving abrasive materials are very hard on conveying equipment. By their very nature, these materials abrade and wear equipment components and systems far more than other substances. In these types of applications, it is important to select bucket conveyors that feature wear-resistant components. In addition, equipment wear and abrasion can be minimized by effective control of material loading and flow rates, including low conveying speeds.

2. Outdoor Applications
Outdoor service exposes equipment to the vagaries of the elements. In these conditions, choosing a bucket conveyor with stainless steel construction and drive assembly components that offer resistance to moisture, temperature extremes and sunlight is a must.

3. Aggressive Materials or Material By-Product
Many materials throw off other substances when being conveyed. For example, foodstuffs can give off fats, oils and greases which can attack parts of the conveyor with which they come into contact. When handling materials which are by nature aggressive, or which give off aggressive by-products, it is important to choose equipment with parts which will resist attack by these compounds.

4. Warm or Cold Materials
Finally, some applications require the handling of warm or cold materials. Severe service bucket elevators are constructed to permit the trouble-free conveyance of these difficult-to-handle materials.


TipTrakTM bucket conveyors can be configured for outstanding performance in severe service applications. TipTrakTM severe service bucket elevators are available with the following features:

A. Rugged All-Steel Frame Construction
Proven designs, crafted from high-quality stainless or carbon steel, provide durability and reliability in tough operating conditions. TipTrakTM models with stainless steel construction are especially suitable for outdoor applications, or where rusting from the presence of moisture is an issue.

B. Abrasion Resistant Assembly Parts
For handling abrasive materials, Nylatron-AR buckets and assembly parts provide high wear-resistance in these types of applications.

C. Rubber BeltChain
Reinforced with pre-stretched aircraft cables, the TipTrakTM rubber BeltChain provides high reliability and quiet operation. The rubber BeltChain is available in a variety of rubber compounds that are formulated to provide resistance against attack from aggressive materials, while successfully handling wide temperature ranges.

D. Interlocking buckets
All TipTrakTM bucket elevators feature a unique joint strip which interlocks the buckets to prevent material spillage during conveyance. For severe service applications, joint strips are available in formulations which can handle wide temperature ranges, as well as resisting attack from abrasive or aggressive materials.

E. Customerized Features
Our highly experienced in-house Engineers can work directly with you and your team to solve virtually any type of non-standard, severe service conveying challenge.

If you require a severe service bucket elevator, our application specialists will be pleased to speak with you about the features and benefits of TipTrakTM conveyors.

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