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Small-Sized Continuous Bucket Elevators

January 4, 2022

Continuous bucket elevators are often used to move significant quantities of materials. However, it is often overlooked that small-sized continuous bucket elevators are available for those applications and processes that do not require equipment capable of moving larger quantities of material. In this blog, we look at the features and capabilities of the TipTrak™ models 250 and 500 small-sized continuous bucket elevators available from UniTrak – the smaller versions of our S-2 and S-5 higher capacity elevators.


Small-sized continuous bucket elevators are suitable for processes where floor space is limited or where larger capacity units would be oversized for the volumes of material to be handled. The last point is particularly important, as small-sized units enable buyers to avoid overpaying for capacity they do not need.


While UniTrak routinely builds continuous bucket elevators of large sizes and capacities for a variety of applications, we also offer two models of small-sized elevators. These are the TipTrak™ TT250 and TT500 models described below.

TT250 continuous bucket elevator

The TipTrak™ 250 (TT250) model elevator retains the same design features as it larger cousins. As with all models in the TipTrak™ line, the TT250 offers the gentlest handling for your product with the least maintenance and the quietest operation.

The TT250 model features buckets sized to hold 15 cubic inches (250 ml) of material. Depending on the material weight, bucket speed and bucket fill (67% recommended), the TT250 model can move up to 120 cubic feet of material per hour.

Driven by the TipTrak™ rubber beltchain, the TT250 model has the following features:

  • No transfer points. By running horizontally and vertically without transfer points, your product can move from one process to another without spillage, degradation, dusting or segregation of blended products.
  • No spillage. The interlocking buckets ensure that there is no spillage at the infeed and because the buckets never separate, even on vertical lift, the only place your product leaves the buckets is at the discharge. Even here the TipTrak™ design allows for a gentle cascading of product, further reducing degradation.
  • No moving parts. The TT250 rubber beltchain, through its unique combination of design and materials, delivers trouble free operation, year after year, even in the most demanding industrial environment. There are no roller chains to stretch or bushings to wear out. In fact, there are no moving parts in the TT250 beltchain. The chain runs slack and, after the initial setup, never needs adjusting. In addition, the beltchain’s non-metallic construction makes it ideal for situations requiring sanitary or corrosion resistant materials. This feature also means that the TT250 conveyor is quiet.

TT250 conveyors are available in a variety of construction styles and configurations to suit almost any process.


TipTrak™ 500 (TT500) models have buckets sized to hold 30 cubic inches (500 ml) of material. At the recommended bucket speed and fill rate (67% recommended), the TT500 model can move up to 240 cubic feet of material per hour.

TT500 elevators share the same design features that are described above for the smaller TT250 model. These conveyors are also available in a range of construction styles and configurations which support most applications.

To find out more about TipTrak™ TT250 and TT500 small-sized continuous bucket elevators from UniTrak, please contact our sales team for further assistance.

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