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Sustainability: Eco-friendly conveyors

January 6, 2022


With the movement of many companies towards green initiatives, we are often asked how our conveyors are eco-friendly. Using eco-friendly conveyors can be an important aspect of any company’s sustainability program, helping to enable more environmentally conscious workplaces and reduced overhead spend. Going green in conveying usually means reducing the amount of energy used and minimizing the hazards associated with handling and moving material. This last point means that equipment should be safe, low-noise, and operate as cleanly as possible.


At UniTrak, we have been improving our equipment designs to supply eco-friendly conveyors to customers. For example, our TipTrakTM bucket conveyors can now service some applications with as little as a ½ HP motor in place. These energy-efficient motors can improve energy use and productivity by 3% to 5%. Studies have shown that an increase in motor efficiency by as little as 4% can result in significant financial savings as well as in materials handling time. In 24 x 7 operations, using energy efficient conveyor motors ca provide a 2 to 3 year ROI and also last longer than standard conveyor motors. Energy-efficient motors are also quiet running, producing less than 60dB when in operation.

We also incorporate variable speed drives into TipTrakTM units. Variable speed drives can increase efficiency, as well as dramatically reduce maintenance and conveyor downtime. A move to eco-friendly conveyors which employ variable speed drives can deliver further ROI benefits and reduced environmental impacts.

TipTrakTM bucket conveyors may also be supplied with a washdown option in place. This option turns the TipTrakTM into a true eco-friendly conveyor where, in many cases, the buckets, motors and bearings can be cleaned without the use of hazardous chemicals. Our Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors  and UniFlex flexible screw conveyors are also washdown-friendly, allowing fast turnaround with low environmental impact.


Using eco-friendly conveyors means using equipment that moves material safely and with minimal environmental consequences. All TipTrakTM bucket conveyors feature fully interlocking buckets which virtually eliminates material spillage during conveyance. Eliminating spillage reduces cleanup overhead and the environmental impacts that may be associated with a material spill.

Where toxic or dusty materials are being conveyed, a fully-enclosed conveyor, such as the TipTrakTMMonocoque, is the equipment of choice. The fully enclosed design of the TipTrakTM Monocoque features gasketing between sections and around all access doors, providing dust-tight operation. This prevents the egress of material from the unit, thus protecting the environment and personnel.

If your company is interested in eco-friendly conveyors, our application specialists will be pleased to speak with you. Please contact us directly at 1-866-883-5749 or go to our request a quote form button at the top of every page!

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