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UniTrak conveys in wastewater phosphorous recovery facility

January 6, 2022

For over 10 years, UniTrak has partnered with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies to convey their fertilizer product at different wastewater phosphorous recovery facilities. Next month, this process will be featured in Powder Bulk Solids Magazine as part of a joint case study with the other equipment manufacturers involved in these projects for Ostara.

In this case study, we highlighted two areas for the reader: details on Ostara’s unique process of extracting phosphorous from municipal wastewater and the specific equipment and role of that equipment within the production line. This has been highly successful process that has now been replicated in over 10 municipalities in North America, where all of the same equipment has been used.

“It’s not often that you get the opportunity to collaborate on larger story like this with other vendors,” explains Marie Lytle Marketing Team Leader at UniTrak. “Often we are confined to just our story, but we felt that the reader’s of PBS would really benefit from seeing how different vendors work together to achieve the best possible production line for their customer.”

Please read the details of the case study here before it hits the racks in October!

This past May saw the largest nutrient recovery facility in North America debut in the Greater Chicago Area. UniTrak along with many other equipment vendors were invited to the opening ceremonies of this historic venture. Here is a video clip from Ahron Britton who describes the process in detail. Check out our TipTrak conveying the fertilizer at about 1:40.

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