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Why bucket conveyors are the best choice fragile materials

January 7, 2022

Ensuring product integrity as it travels from one process to another is often one of the biggest challenges we face in the bulk material handling. Whether it is in the food or chemical industries, customers need their product to have a damage-free ride. UniTrak has been committed for 45 years to perfecting the smoothest ride possible in our bucket conveyors through our process of total tailored reliability.

The TipTrak™ Bucket Conveyor: the Gentle Giant

Our TipTrak™ interlocking bucket conveyor line has been specifically tailored for gentle-handling. The 5 features below are what make our bucket conveyor designed to meet the fragility challenge:

1. The smooth ride of the rubber “chain”. Instead of a metal chain that can run slack and eventually provide a bumpy ride to your product, we have a designed and manufactured a rubber chain that once installed does not require tensioning. This allows for a smooth and quiet ride for your product.

2. Interlocking buckets. Coming in a variety of sizes, our interlocking buckets connect with a rubber joint strip and never separates. It can handle a large capacity of product and gently move it along a continuous line from point A to point B.

3. Variable speed motor/controls. Depending on the fragility of your product, you can slow down or speed up the bucket motion in order to reduce degradation and maintain a high quality product.

4. No transfer points. You can run horizontal to vertically to horizontally, in a “Z” or “C” configuration, from a single drive. This allows for the product to go horizontally and vertically without damaging transfer to other conveyors.

5. Infeed and Discharge chutes.To encourage flow-ability for slower materials or to help control the speed of faster substances, we have tailored infeed and discharge chutes to help maintain whatever speed you need your product to flow at. This can prevent breakage at the infeed and at the discharge of the TipTrak™.

Fragile materials that the TipTrak™ has handled:

Some of the more fragile materials that we have handled are: cookies, frozen vegetables, pellet gum, candy, potato chips, pita chips, pasta, roasted coffee beans, ceramic catalyst carrier, struvite prills, coated fertilizer and seeds, and explosive flakes. See our Friable Materials materials handled page.

And we can handle your application too. For more information on what other materials our TipTrak™ Bucket Conveyor can handle and to see what we can do for you, please visit these product pages on our website: TipTrak™ page and don’t hesitate to contact us by phone 1-866-883-5749.

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