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Bagstander Bulk Bag Handling Equipment

Experience safe, controlled, dust-free operations while emptying or filling Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs/bulk bags).

Advantages of the TipTrak Bucket Elevator

Construction Type

Fork Lift Model

  • Heavy duty frame – 3” sq tube
  • Bags up to 1.5 tonnes (3000 Lbs)
  • Adjustable frame for different bag lengths
  • Detachable lifting frame with hood retainers
  • Iris valve to protect operator

Hoist/Tower Model

  • Same features as Fork Lift, except
  • Heavy duty frame – 4” sq tube
  • Bags up to 2 tonnes (4400 lbs)
  • Std hoist included
  • Exproof hoists available

Bulk Bag Filler

  • Adjustable frame for different bag sizes
  • Ventilated collar
  • Displaced air vented via exhaust stub
  • Frame can straddle a pallet
  • Available with platform scale

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